Paris Fashion Week…Oh the very words are like music to my ears.

Paris, France after all is the birthplace of Fashion, and Fashion is all about pushing the envelope and claiming ones freedom of expression.  However, Fashion Designer Rick Owens sent his male models down the catwalk with….well…with their balls hanging out.

 Now women have been walking down the catwalk… ass out, bare breasted, or with a nipple or two exposed for years, but there is just something different about Mr. Johnson poking his head out…like a groundhog… on Groundhog’s Day.  Now don’t get me wrong… I am all about equal opportunity, but Rick Owens’ Fall 2015-2016 Menswear Collection during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday, January 22, was interesting…to say the least.

 I think it took a lot of balls…no pun intended…to create a menswear collection that included tunics with a strategic opening around the men’s genital region. However this show was not all about the balls, Rick Owens also introduced more traditional pieces like peacoats and sweaters. However… it was the balls that stole the show.


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