MARVEL Realm of Champions: All-New Game from Kabam

Kabam, creators of the award-winning mobile fighting game MARVEL Contest of Champions, collaborated with Marvel Entertainment on their second game: MARVEL Realm of Champions.  This morning during New York Comic Con, Kabam revealed their all-new title  MARVEL Realm of Champions.

  MARVEL Realm of Champions is a bold new imagining of the Marvel Universe that transports players to the Battleworld, a forbidden planet behind the Space-Time Barrier, where its uneasy peace is disrupted by the death of Maestro, the God-King. With alliances between the Houses, including the House of Iron (Iron Man), Spider-Guild (Spider-Man), Patriot Garrison (Captain America), Pyramid X (X-Men), and more, now shattered, it is a pure war across the land for complete global domination. As a Champion aligned with one of the Houses, players will work together, or fight each other to gather resources for their faction across the Battleworld.

New York Comic Con attendees can learn more about MARVEL Realm of Champions at the Marvel Games panel on Oct. 4 at noon PT / 3 p.m. ET. For more information on MARVEL Realm of Champions, visit PLAYMROC.COM or Facebook at [].